PKS is aware of its special responsibility when representing interests toward stakeholders in business, politics and media. Moderating the dialogue between business and politics demands a high sensibility and transparency on the job. This refers to all persons involved by PKS, partners and employees equally.

The company therefore commits itself to clear principles on the basis of shared values and action principles and establishes a code of conduct based on the decision of the partners’ meeting and in consultation with the Advisory Board.

This code sets up the framework of the entrepreneurial and social acting of PKS.

Binding effect


The codex is binding for all partners and employees of PKS.


All agreements of PKS include a clause which declares not to infringe neither the legal requirements nor the code of conduct of PKS.

Implementation and compliance

In an annual business report PKS renders an account of the implementation and the compliance of the code of conduct to the Advisory Board.

Legal order

Democratic rules

The compliance of democratic rules as well as respect for the free democratic basic order provide the basis for the entrepreneurial acting of PKS.

Applicable law

Adhering the applicable law is the basis for all activities of PKS, its partners and employees. PKS is not exerting dishonest or illegitimate influence when communicating or supporting the interests of its clients.


PKS acts in a non-partisan manner.


Truth towards its clients

PKS commits itself to the truth towards its clients, contact persons in economy and politics, the media and the public.

Truth to knowledge

KS only works with information corresponding to the truth to the best of its knowledge. The company pays attention to transparency and avoids misguidance due to using false information.


In the exercise of the job the partners and employees of PKS announce the name of its clients when working for them.



PKS strives to fulfil the clients’ needs by an efficient and flexible range of services in the economic and political environment and to enlarge and improve its offer permanently.


PKS commits itself to absolute discretion; confidential information from current or former clients will not be passed on without their explicit consent.

Avoiding conflicts

PKS assures to avoid conflicts of interests in terms of a simultaneous representation of directly opposed interests.


The partners and the employees of PKS avoid activities that could harm the public reputation of the company or the one of their clients.