Representation of interests

Public Affairs

We represent your entrepreneurial interests in the political, business and media environment.

Political Representation

We support your company by an enduring representation in the centres of political opinion making.

B2B – Business-to-Business-Contacts

We broaden your entrepreneurial network and support you in establishing new business connections.

Communication and guidance of investment decisions


Our stakeholder analyses procure a precise estimation of the political, business and media environment of your investment decisions.


Based on our analyses we support your company in the development of successful communication strategies.


We realize the coordinated strategy in a success-oriented way und support your management especially in what concerns addressing specifically to decision makers and opinion formers on-site.

Strategic public relations

External presentation

Together with your management we develop approaches to optimise your external presentation regarding politics, business and media sustainably.

Agenda setting

We help your company to place important issues and messages on the market of public and political opinion.

Crisis management

We prepare your management for crisis situations (e.g. media campaigns) and strengthen your company due to developing conceptions for a credible and serious crisis communication.

Mediation and conflict consulting

Economic mediation

The high reputation and the great acceptance of our partners facilitate the independent mediation in conflict situations between companies and companies and the public respectively.

Conflict consulting

We help your company to overcome conflict situations successfully and work on innovative and constructive solutions.

Prevention of conflicts

We deal with conflicts already on a low escalation level and thereby contribute to avoid irreversible damages.